If our mind is open for a dream to come in, anything can happen!  -Binh Pho


binh stencilingBinh Pho is a critically acclaimed artist, known for an expansive approach to work in wood and glass that includes painting and a unique exploration of positive and negative space. The works feature a highly personal iconography, with imagery that relates to Asian culture and the natural world. The story of his journey from an idyllic childhood in Vietnam, the rise of Communism and his escape to the United States in shared in the book River of Destiny: The Life and Work of Binh Pho, published in 2006, in conjunction with a retrospective of his work at the Long Beach Museum of Art. Binh Pho is in demand as a lecturer and demonstrator and his work is exhibited internationally and in the permanent collection of numerous museums.

Disguised Divination and The Dreamer

My art work primarily reflects the Far East culture and my journey to the West. I love to bring the beauty of nature and hand-creation techniques together to create character and soul in a piece.

Binh Pho

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As well as creating high-quality instructional wood turning DVD’s, Binh has depicted his inspirational journey into the art world with his book River of Destiny. He has also written a fictional story inspired by his art called Shadow of The Turning.

Dream - Transform - Live

Shadow of the Turning, like its predecessor (River of Destiny), focuses on art, philosophy and storytelling, yet is an entirely fictional story, blending the mythic worlds of fairy tale, fantasy, adventure and science fiction. Follow the link to see more about Shadow of The Turning

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SixPixMediumBinh Pho (Born, Saigon, Vietnam, September 19, 1955) is a Vietnamese-American artist best known for his pierced and painted works in wood. Read more about Binh’s interesting life and his journey to becoming a prominent world renowned artist on his Wikipedia page.




Photo By: Binh Pho



To Be or Not To Be


 Life is filled with wonder. Some things happen for a reason, yet they’re not always as they appear to be. A good thing may be not be all good and bad thing may not be all bad. Life and death, success and failure, love and loss, all present an endless cycle of all things in the balance of Yin and Yang.

When I missed the last helicopter at the American Embassy during the Fall of Saigon, I thought that was a worst day of my life. As the future unfolded, I found it was a good thing that had happened to me. The helicopter is represented by the metal part of this work, cast in bronze, providing negative space for the dragonfly, which represents the organic part – turned, textured, and painted on maple. The two halves can be presented as a bowl with endless possibilities in life, or can be detached, forming the sculpture as we want it to be. In a way, it also resembles a boat such as the one that helped me to achieve the American Dream.



Appearance by Binh Pho

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